Roja Parfums Scandal
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Roja Parfums Scandal

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“I still remember the first time I smelled tuberose. It shocked me that a flower could be so sensual - inhaling it is almost narcotic. I love how this scent transports you to the sunshine - far away from the gray British skies. I mixed them with other white flowers to create an effect that is both floral and sunny and deeply sensual." Roja Dove

Roja Dove's tuberose makes a statement - and, as he says, ensures that the wearer is talked about. At the beginning, sprinkles of tart, citrusy bergamot sparkle - an accentuating counterpoint to the extremely floral heart: large and lush, it is filled with flowers. Tuberose, the femme fatale and protagonist of Scandal, easily takes on the main role assigned to her, while other white-flowered flowers are in her entourage. Playful jasmine, refreshing-fruity rose, nectar-sweet orange blossom, seductive gardenia, delicate lily of the valley and fresh freesia bloom in competition with each other and enchant with their feminine grace. The sea of ​​flowers comes to rest on a bed of powdery iris, soft musk and spicy, warm sandalwood. Floral. Feminine. Sweet. Fresh. Warm. And above all one thing: sensual.


For a long-lasting fragrance effect, spray the product onto the skin from a distance of 20 cm. Prefer warm areas of the body, such as the inside of the wrists or the areas behind the earlobes.
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