Parfüm-Probe: Wie viel Parfum sollte man auftragen?

How much perfume should you apply?

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Applying perfume correctly: Less is often more
If the fragrance is applied directly to the skin, one to two sprays of Eau de Parfum or three to four sprays of Eau de Toilette are often sufficient. The ideal distance for applying the respective fragrance is usually 20 to 30cm from the body.
The right parts of the body
Ideally, perfume is applied to warm areas of the body, which are usually areas where blood pulsates. These body parts include:
the inside of the wrists, inside of the arms, temples, décolletage and earlobes and behind the ears
The warmth on the skin helps the scent to develop. Do not rub the scent after spraying. This destroys the scent molecules and no longer allows the scent to develop as well. It's best to spray the relevant areas with perfume immediately after showering. The heat opens the pores of the skin and the scent molecules remain on the skin longer.
The most important tips
For people with dry skin, a moisturizing cream, preferably odorless, should be used before applying the respective fragrance. This ensures that it lasts significantly longer on the skin. Since scent molecules rise upwards, it is recommended to spray the perfume from bottom to top on the affected areas. A distance of around 20 to 30 cm is ideal. Under no circumstances should the perfume be rubbed on the skin. This destroys scent molecules and the perfume loses intensity and durability.
Like day and night
Perfume manufacturers recommend applying perfume to the lower areas of the body during the day. This allows the scent to arise throughout the day and is only perceived gradually. In the evening, scents develop particularly well on the throat, neck and hair.

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